We offer a consultancy service for Telecommunication companies wishing to install DSl Testing into their network. We recommend UTEL equipment and offer a full end to end solution, from requirements capture to deployment.

Requirements Capture.

It is important we understand what you are trying to acheive with DSL Testing. Is is also vital you understand the benefits of different installation options, timescales and costs.

Network / Equipment proposal.

Once we know your requirements we will create an installation proposal document. This will give a detailed breakdown of all the equipment required on a site by site basis, cost details and a deployment plan.

Business Case Costings.

A seperate spreadsheet for inclusion into a business case can be supplied. Full business cases can be produced for your deployment.

Trial Management.

Prior to any commitment or purchase it is advisable to run a trial of the equipment in a live site. We can arrange trial equipment and demonstration software to prove the concept and proposal is sound.

Software Management Integration.

UTEL offer APIs, TL1 and XML code to interface to the equipment. Our survey and requirements capture will determine how best to incorporate these controls into an existing software system or a new stand alone system.


We can arrange all installation work, supply roll out plans or simply assist/advise in this area.

Supply Logistics.

We have a large ware house and distribution facility and can manage all deliveries with our fleet of vans.

Project Management.

Full end to end or partial Project Management can be supplied to ensure the success of the deployment. Audio and Video calls or regular face to face progress meetings can also be arranged.

Commission Tools / Set up Tools

A full set of installation tools are available to configure the Test Access environment and set site soecific data such as IP addresses. A unique set of commissioning tools can also be supplied to automate and provide proof the install was correct.


We can provide on site training to installers and operators. All documentation is supplied in English and translated as required on paper and electronically.